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Tzora Titan 3-wheel Scooter


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The Titan is the most transportable scooter, with the heaviest part weighting only 49 lbs! It is the world's most Portable, Adjustable & Comfortable High Performance scooter available. The Titan is only 24" wide and has a very efficient high torque motor with a strong ability to climb even steep inclines, ramps and hills.

Safety was a major consideration, and this product is equipped with a full light package, including right and left turn signals, reversing lights, rear tail lights, and headlight with front running lights. Research shows that will reduce the incident of accidents.

The Titan is equipped with large rear tires, providing a smooth ride, excellent traction with lots of torque.

The luxurious 22″ wide Com-Fort-Fit Memory Foam seat has a four point seat structure delivering a higher degree of stability. The Titan's four point design gives you 45% more stability on inclines than a scooter that uses a center seat post.

The Titan's battery packs are located in the back and are easily removed by lifting up. There are no latches, pins or wires, and when you are ready to use the Titan you simply set each battery pack back in place. The terminals automatically make connection!


  • Allows you to keep an independent, spontaneous and active life.
  • Foldable and detachable in seconds without effort or bending!
  • Compact, highly maneuverable, allowing it to be transferred easily into a car, a bus, a train or a plane.
  • Ergonomic location of battery pack.


Carrying capacity:

300 lbs

136 kg





55 in

139 cm


24 in

61 cm


38 in

97 cm

Total weight:

141 lbs

64 kg

2 x Battery 26 A/h:

21 lbs each

9.5 kg each

Front Frame

48 lbs

22 kg

Rear Frame

51 lbs

23 kg

Range up to:

19 miles

30 km